Friday, September 13, 2013

Tennessee At Oregon

On September 14th, the Tennessee Volunteers travel to Oregon to meet the Ducks in a big game for both teams. Tennessee is looking to make a name for itself once again on the national stage while Oregon is looking to go 3-0 and keep pace with Alabama in the race for the national title. 

It's Hard To Determine What Either Team Is Really Capable Of

The beginning of the college football season is not the best time to separate the good teams from the bad. This is because most college teams in major conferences play cupcake opponents to get themselves ready for league play. Oregon has played FCS school Nicholls State and ACC weakling Virginia while Tennessee has defeated Western Kentucky and FCS school Austin Peay. However, if you are looking at the betting odds for the game, don't be shocked if Oregon is a huge favorite simply because they are ranked second in the nation.

Marcus Mariota Deserves Respect

Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota deserves respect as one of the finest dual-threat quarterbacks in the game today. He has thrown for three touchdowns and rushed for three touchdowns in under two games of total work this season. His 235 rushing yards put him second on the team to running back De'Anthony Thomas. It would not be surprising at all to see his name mentioned in the Heisman race this season or next. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising to see him being mentioned as a high NFL draft pick in the next year or two.

Tennessee Will Look To Run The Ball As Often As Possible

How do you keep a prolific offense off of the field? The answer is to run the ball to keep your own offense on the field. The Volunteers have run the ball 96 times in two games. If they run the ball 40 or more times this week, it will keep the Tennessee defense well rested while keeping Mariota and the Ducks from getting into a groove.

The Team That Has The Ball At The End Will Most Likely Win The Game

Tennessee has scored almost 100 points this season while Oregon has 120. That means that the winning team could be the team that has the ball last. Although the two teams have combined for over 10 takeaways on defense, the sheer power of the offenses will render that a moot point.

Anyone who wants the best betting odds this Saturday should go with the Ducks. They are playing at home and have one of the best offenses in football. While the Volunteers may be a team headed for a bowl game at the end of the year, they will have to do something out of the ordinary to gain an advantage.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tennessee Vs. Oregon: A Delusional Fan's Perspective

Saturday the Oregon Ducks welcome the Tennessee Volunteers to Autzen Stadium. The line on the game is currently 27.5 points in Oregon's favor. This Tennessee fan is about to tell you why Oregon will, in fact, lose the game. I will do this with facts that cannot be denied by any Duck fan, and will set the stage for this so called "upset".

Look, Tennessee plays in the SEC. Last year we were in games down to the wire with Georgia, South Carolina, and had Gameday in Knoxville for the Florida game. We lost them all, but that's not the point. The point is this, Oregon could not go undefeated with Tennessee's schedule. This does not need to be debated because it's true. I'm sorry kids, but the SEC plays big-boy football not the glorified flag games the PAC 12 plays. This should be enough to convince you of a UT victory, but just in case, I have several more.

Coaching Staff.
Oregon lost Chip Kelly to the NFL last year, and promoted OC Mark Helfrich to replace him. While all this was going on, The Vols were looking for a suitable replacement for Derek Dooley (aka. the worst football coach of all time). We went and assembled the greatest coaching staff ever with Butch Jones at the helm. Turning away the likes of Jon Gruden and other high profile coaches in the process. So the Ducks bring an unproven head coach in their toughest game so far, and Tennessee brings an all-star staff against a team that isn't even in the SEC? It will be a long day for the Ducks.

Tennessee has achieved its 800th win and is #8 for all-time wins in college football history. They have 6 National Championships and 16 SEC titles. This is in contrast to the Ducks, who only transitioned from two hand touch to tackle football four years ago. Don't get me wrong, they have done well in the last four years. They have really dominated the PAC 12 conference (which I assume stands for something like Pee-wee All Children), but again, SEC. 

 I will assume there will be no discussion about mascots.

I'm sure this is a hard and jagged pill to swallow for Oregon fans who have been fed ESPN propaganda.  I don't know why ESPN is so jealous and hates the Vols, but I do know they are the greatest team to ever grace a college stadium. The Ducks will be so overwhelmed by the pure awesomeness that is the Vols, the game could be over before halftime. I respect Oregon for agreeing to play us in such a one-sided game and hope that the Ducks will one day be on the level with programs like UT. I'm very sorry to have to be the one to drop a reality bomb on the Oregon fans, but it had to be cleared up before Saturday. 

Good luck Ducks!! After this game, you have a realistic chance to win out.