Friday, July 29, 2011

Paleo Cooking

Hello everyone, I recently picked up the hobby of healthy and exotic cooking. Thanks in most part to The Food Network, and the fact that I am getting older and need to eat a little better. Now, I stumbled upon an article about Paleo cooking and was quite intrigued. Oversimplified, this diet and cooking style tries to resemble what cavemen would have eaten, with a somewhat modern twist, or not depending on how obsessive you are. It is controversial and the subject of debate between nutritionists. Consisting of wild animal meat and wild plants, some say that humans were much healthier with this diet. Others say it is quite coincidental and doesn't all relate to the diet that was consumed. Much like the Vegan diet has stirred debate. I don't really care I just thought I would try a few recipes out for my personal reference. I looked for some easy ones, come to find out they are all pretty easy. I tried some coconut chicken and a hamburger type meal. It wasn't bad, in fact it was somewhat comforting knowing the flavor was exactly what I cooked with no additives. This cooking is somewhat new and has some guidelines you must go by to be authentic. I used a cookbook I will link to. In my opinion, it has to be healthy and is a great alternative to vegetarians. Even though Meat is the main ingredients to most Paleo dishes, it is imperative that the ingredients stay pure and no artificial anything added. I think I will incorporate some of these recipes into my diet, but I like garlic and spices too well to go totally Paleo. I do think if you are looking for a very healthy diet and love meat, you got to do this. You can follow the links below if you are interested, Paleo cookbooks are a must since this is fairly new and already people are trying to put their own spin on it. I am adding the best Paleo cookbooks I could find below, I really recommended taking a look at them to insure an authentic taste, good luck. Come back tomorrow for another cooking post, sign up and follow. Thanks for reading everybody.

Paleo Recipes Authentic

Complete Paleo Guide To Healthy Eating